Innermission is a student organization that believes if you want to follow Jesus, you can't do it alone. Without guidance, encouragement, and Christian friends, many young people find it hard to remain strong. Statistics have shown that a very large percentage of young adults leave God behind when they enter college. Innermission is dedicated to making sure this does not happen to Shawnee State students.

We have daily, weekly, and monthly activities. We go to concerts, movies, or anywhere that we can go to have a good time. But the most important thing is what we do every day - Just hang out, goof off, and spend time with our friends, as we come to know Jesus in a more personal way.

Innermission is a great place to go during breaks, for lunch, to study, or whenever you're free. We are open every weekday, usually from about 10 a.m. until 5 or 6 p.m., with different people coming in and out all day long. We have groups of people eating or going to lunch at different times during the day. You are welcome to join in on the fun! Innermission has a weekly Bible study, usually on Wednesday and/or Thursday afternoon.

Innermission is a ministry of Sunshine Church of Christ

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