Weekly Bible Study
Each Fall and Spring quarter we try to host a weekly bible study where students can stop by to listen and discuss a series of verses from the lords word. Students can submit their schedules to Innermissions director and the bible study day and time is set to fit everyones schedules as best it can.

Winterfest is a yearly weekend event where some of our students travel south to Gatlinburg Tennessee to escape the worries of their tight college schedules. Great speakers, performers, musicians, and sketch groups bring together an eventful and inspiring weekend.

Mission Trips
Whether it's local or far from home, mission work is a huge part of our lives. Recently several of our students, along with a few members of the Sunshine Church of Christ, traveled across seas to Honduras. We have hopes of sending more on another trip and may hopefully open up more possible mission work.

Hocking Hills Winter Hike
Once a year Innermission takes a group of people north to the beautiful Hocking Hills hiking trail and embarks on a relaxing and inspirational walk along the hillsides. It's a great way to strengthen friendships and make some new ones.

Tulsa Workshop
An event for Christians by Christians. It's a weeklong experience built to encourage and teach those who are already strong in the faith how to reach out to others. Focusing on unity and fellowship, it is a wonderful event for the already strong believer who wants to get that much closer.

Cedar Point Trip!
Trip to Cedar Point on Augest 20th! Come join us there!
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